Upstart Crow's style is often described as a mix of various different sounds and influences. Particular significance is attributed to the band's mix of hard rock and blues rock (originating from the band member's earliest influences from bands like Deep Purple, Arrowsmith, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin) with some critics going as far as to claim that the group's sound is based on "the vintage Led Zeppelin template". In reviews of the band's initial demos, a number of critics compared the sound of the group to that of Led Zeppelin – while Len Trout concedes that the band's sound is "haunted by the spirit of the great riff rock bands from rocks golden era". Trout has dubbed the group "a true rock and roll band, making music for rock music fans".

Band Memebers

Rayne Rooks     Vocals

Jim Pomper      Bass

Joe Valentine   Drums

Len Trout          Guitar

Upstart Crows is an American rock band from Whitefish Montana. Upstart Crows was formed in 2015 by guitarist Len Trout, drummer Paul Bouchard and bassist Jim Pomper. The band took shape when singer Rayne Rooks was asked to come in as vocalist and co-writer on the in progress recording of the band's first album. The band currently features drummer Joe Valentine after Paul Bouchard left for health reasons in July 2016. They are currently signed to Infinity Entertainment.

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